lunes, 11 de enero de 2010

Gustavo Novoa: Paradise Found

If Gustavo Novoa’s art was once considered “naïve,” it stopped being so a long time ago due to the implicit aesthetic proposition in each painting and the stylistic treatment with which his harmonious compositions, regardless of the themes, are conceived. They carry the distinct stamp of authorship inherent in all of Novoa’s works. His touch cannot be confused.

The simplicity in his paintings appears in the spirit of the characters that inhabit his idealized faunas and not through a naiveté concerning the drawings or the color which, on the contrary, are in permanent alliance and interact to produce a spatial effect creating a chromatic perspective often used by Novoa. With this, he demonstrates an absolute dominance of his craft and transmits to the spectator an air of eternal freshness that his paintings possess due to his pure technique.

Full color book containing more than 80 of the most recognized and sought after paintings by Gustavo Novoa. This english edition contains an introductory essay by Roberto J. Cayuso.

ISBN: 0-9650650-5-7 / 1997 / E. 80 pages / Palette Publications

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